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Apr. 3rd, 2015 09:17 pm
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So! I'm doing my best to stay IC, but given that I'm far from perfect and I really, really love Odessa and want to get her right --

Please comment here if you should ever have a concern with some aspect of my play -- whether it's characterization, OOC stuff, anything! Comments are all screened and anonymous commenting is OK.
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And long. )
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...this is kind of hilariously apt.

Odessa's results on the Tarot card quiz. )
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...for Odessa goes here! Comment for what Odessa thinks of you. Answers probably OOC because she is a little bit emotionally retarded.

(Hot or Not is on a 10-point scale, 1 being "it kind of hurts me to be asked this question" and 10 being "let's get a room.")
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...oh man, I need to learn better than to go back through the Odessa bits of Suikoden late at night when prone to emo. I was doing fine until the "if you ever see Flik again" bit. I mean, I'd been assuming she didn't know Flik was alive, but I'd forgotten that she said as much before she died...

THAT SAID. Transcripts of every scene with Odessa in it, under the cut!

This is the third time it's made me cry, too, goddamn it. )
unstarredhero: (Default) it occurred to me the other day that a lot of Odessa's keywords ring completely differently if you know the source, and they're all the ones that I stole from this poem:

Under the Light of One Small Star )
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Ate one of Hanako's cakes. May learn something about assuming cute kids are innocent and harmless from this experience.

Got April Fool'd by the island: bow and arrows replaced with Nerf.
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Threads for the week of 3/26

Met Ari in the woods, walked to inn.

Posted asking about the Island, home worlds, and whether anyone else was dead. Threaded with Jade (whose name she didn't get), Nagato Yuki, Dante, Yoko Suzuki, Faye Valentine, Alfons Heiderich (whose name she didn't get), Anise Tatlin, and Kratos Aurion.

Boggled briefly at Don Pacci.

Got off to a really bad start with Saito. Still better than it would have been if she'd described her profession as 'rebel leader,' though.

Met Fletcher in the library.

Met Laharl.

Talked with Alfons.

Met Morita, chatted with Princess Peach.

Lent Ari a hairbrush. Also emoed slightly regarding Mathiu.

Met Katsushiro Okomato.

...aaand then I disappeared all weekend due to karaoke + gig + hanami~
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Long and slightly babbly. )


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